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About APhoneApp has been serving US business clients since 1996. Our goal since inception of the company was to have the “first alliance” or convergence of communications.

Our CEO saw this technology back in the 90’s as the way companies would do business. We have been at the forefront of many things in the telecommunications industry that have now become standard practice. A phone app is a third party application that allows your employees to BYOD and still have access to the companies communications without complicated or cost prohibitive technology.

Our Cloud Based Enterprise Class PBX is a seamless and converged application with a reliable backbone and an unbelievable ROI for business. NO more proprietary equipment such as Avaya, Nortel, NEC, Cisco, Shore-tel etc., etc. etc., the proprietary system is dead. No installation companies or hardware to go bad.

Modern Wireless Communications

The New lines of Business mantra, is really a game changer. This new technology is cost effective, moves wherever your business moves to, and requires no on site technicians or maintenance agreements. You have just become self-sufficient.

Our Goal with every customer is a smooth transition to this new technology, a single point of contact for Service, equipment, and questions. You will not find a better deal in the industry with customer service this good. Contact us today.

Mission Statement

Aphoneapp's Mission is to change the way business is done globally through Technology of Scale with a simplistic and forward thinking approach to Telecommunications

Corporate Values

  • B alance
  • E mpowerment
  • L eadership
  • I nnovation
  • E fficiency
  • F un